Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hey Guys

Just a quick heads up to let you know that all the HOOCHIE MAMA pics will now be up on PANDAPARTYPICS.COM It's my new site with photos of all my gigs and whereabouts, so trying to keep everything in one place.

Head over there now, and bookmark it as it's updated every week with new photos and shit.


Monday, December 22, 2008


Yep! It's been a hectic week of pre-parties, parties and afterparties, but when it all kicks off at the Hooch, you know you're in for a MASSIVE one. And we never disappoint! First up I'm calling out those idiots that brought their own alchs to the club...ya fuckin tight asses, buy a frikkin drink (and im callin the older mamas too...cos you were the ones that was caught...FAIL!!!!)
Ok, so after being presented a shit load of saccharine, cavity inducin' cupcakes during the start of my set (way to time it Mara!!!!-luv ya!), the night got so fuckin packed we jammed enough shit into one room, especially courtesy of Hans DC and Miss Beats keeping the shit rollin. I was too busy basking in the lies that it was indeed my birthday and making everyone wish me a happy birthday...PS props to those that obliged. To all my dickhead friends that left're out of the will and no longer my friends!
Wow, bitter post much. I think it's the fact ive put on 26 kilos in 2 days and drank enough to keep up with Lohan...but MERRY KISS MY ASS MAMAS and yes we are closed on Xmas night...waaaah, but reopening NEW YEARS DAY NIGHT for a special WET PUSSY PARTY! See you all on the 1st!